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However, I could never get mine to shoot half azz decently.

I know it was my fault and the guns, with surplus ammo, should be capable of __________________ NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor California DOJ Certified Fingerprint Roller Ventura County approved CCW Instructor Offering low cost private basic shooting and reloading classes for calgunners.

It was a Winchester '94 with a 3 digit SN that had survived the Nazi gun confinscations and had been used by the resistance! The attraction for me is that I can take it apart, clean it up, sand, polish, refinish and make it look like new. This thing has a serious bang with a fireball and a pretty hefty kick. Americans have a really skewed understanding of the war in Europe, I guess because most of them base their knowledge on Hollywood movies.

All old guns, military issue or not, have stories to tell. The Red Army did the heavy lifting in WWII, by several orders of magnitude, and they did it with the Mosin-Nagant, a design dating from Tsarist times. It shoots a powerful and accurate cartridge that you can still buy reasonably cheap.

CCW SAFE MEMBERSHIPS HERE The Mosin Nagant is a piece of history.