building dating profile - Odds of dating a celebrity

Your threshold for what's painful becomes higher," said Greenberg.

Sara*, 25, works in television and was approached on Facebook by an actor who appeared on television show she had worked on as a production assistant.

While she declined his invitation, she was struck by the dichotomy between his squeaky clean image and the manner in which he approached her. When I got to his place, I said I wasn't sure I wanted to [have sex].

"I thought he was vanilla and wholesome, and then even after declining a date, he wouldn't stop sexting me," Sara told . He said, ' Well, you're already here,'" Callie told of the disappointment that came when she slept with the lead singer of a band she admired, after connecting via social media, then learning he had a girlfriend.

After a bad date, they’d ask, ‘What are you looking for?