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She became more amazing and interesting in my head the more I let my mind run away... She could be fun, she could make good conversation, she might not. Go into the in-person meet up excited and ready to chat, but be aware that you don’t know her yet.

She might bring up things that are really not that attractive. Let her be herself and be aware that she’ll have good things and bad things that you didn’t see coming.

I had the pleasure of getting naked with some OKC girls who had Victoria Secret-worthy bodies. It was great at first: running my hands over those hip bones, those legs! The flesh loses its wow factor and being around her becomes more work than it’s worth. When there’s rapport, her flaws just seem to fade away.

This is a hard one obviously, looks always have their pull.

I would have loved to meet a girl to spend/share quality time with. However, I did get a lot better at the process of dating, talking with women, and knowing what I wanted. Life’s just too short to go through constant dry spells. I write these long serious messages with really forward compliments.

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    We say yes to a very few - limiting it to locales that are at once casually hip and wonderfully flirty.

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