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Furthermore, the documents highlight the dangers of operating a busy airport in the midst of civilian communities.Numerous in-flight emergencies (IFE) cause pilots to abort their missions - two occurring in a one-week period in January 2015.In June 2012, it took an engineer 1 hour 20 minutes to respond to a 190-liter fuel spill because he was at the food court and could not hear his telephone ringing.

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Another threat to Okinawa's drinking water comes from leaks of raw sewage, which the base apparently only started recording in 2010.

In November 2010, a 57,000-litre spill contaminated the Shirahi River and the sea with sewage measuring 36,000 fecal coliform colonies/100ml - 90 times the EPA's maximum limit for swimming waters.

Within the installation, there are 23 wells, some of which contribute to on- and off-base drinking water. documents suggest that mistakes and negligence on the base have repeatedly endangered this water supply.

More than 300,000 meters of drains carry the installation's storm water into local rivers - including the Hija River, which supplies drinking water for six municipalities and Okinawa's capital, Naha. For example, in August 2011, 760 liters of diesel spilled into the Hija River when an operator abandoned a generator tank prior to the arrival of a typhoon.

Approximately 20,000 American service members, contractors and their families live or work here alongside 3,000 Japanese employees. Nor does it hold the military responsible for cleaning up land returned to civilian usage.