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This might include all newborn bucklings (male baby goat), older dairy goats who are no longer fertile, and any goat who does not produce the desired amount of milk.

We know first hand how hard it is for dairy operations to remain solvent.

After she unplugged it and put it away, she took it back out to film it if it started acting up again.

We are working hard to prove that a farm can be both profitable and humane.

We have kept second jobs as teachers so that we can explore ways to generate income on a small farm without the pressure of having to operate in a way that would take all the joy out of what we do.

I was invited to a private chat by this random person online.

I kept our usernames private and omitted the website name as it probably is against TOS to link to such things.

Because they make such incredible outdoor pets, we have had no problem finding homes for all the kids.