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THE LETTERS THAT FOLLOW ARE SUMMARY QUESTIONS OF SOME OF THE MANY THOUSANDS OF QUESTIONS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO US OVER THE YEARS. Here are some suggestions provided by different organizations. You should know up front that although transmission of herpes is very unlikely unless there is actual close physical contact of a sexual nature, however the use of condoms and spermicides is NOT 100% effective in prevention, although they have been reported to reduce the risk.There are many cases where one person has herpes and never gives it to the intimate partner even though they are having regular unprotected sex – there are also many cases where herpes was transmitted during the first sexual encounter when there was not an outbreak in progress.

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After redemption, the man is no longer a beneficiary, and is no longer surety.

After redemption, the man is the controller and creditor with the highest lien hold interest in the straw man.

If you are not the beneficiary/owner of the straw man you are not liable for his debts or obligations.

If you are in control, you have the highest lien hold interest on the straw man; you must be paid before anyone else collects from the straw man, and you cannot go to jail for his misdoing.

However, you should not hang your hat on one being released just yet.