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Do you pick vocal approaches like an actor playing a role? My voice cracking here and there wouldn’t bother me, bum notes or wrong chords would bother me more. That would be impossible to pull off anyway because we were all in the same room playing together at the same time and there was a lot of leakage into other mics.No, it’s more like hypnosis, you instill it in your mind and you keep repeating it over and over until you got it. You only fix things if you overdub the vocals separately and we didn’t do that here.

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So these CDs to me represent the LPs that I should have been making. There’s enough of my personality written into the lyrics so that I could just focus on the melodies within the arrangements.

What’s the challenge of singing with a live horn section? You like to be spontaneous in the studio, but here you’re working with tight arrangements and charts. As a vocalist you’re restricted within definite harmonic patterns.

It’s on the banks of Lake Superior, built on granite rock.

Lot of fog horns, sailors, loggers, storms, blizzards.

Has performing these songs taught you anything you didn’t know from listening to them?

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