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From breaking down psychological blocks to surviving a breakup, Nelson explores the key issues in gay male relationships and the baggage left over from adolescence. Craig Nelson has been a vice president and executive editor of Harper & Row, Hyperion, Random House, and Villard, and a literary agent.

But the app, which has 4.5m users in 192 countries, allows people to say if they’re interested in a relationship and despite the unlikely setting, more couples are now finding love.

Cohen Simpson, 24, is about to move in with his boyfriend of just under two years, who he met through Grindr.

He met up with several people for coffee dates before he met his boyfriend, but aside from a few meetings where the reality didn’t quite match with a profile photo, Cohen says he enjoyed the dates he found through Grindr.

\ Dr Bernie Hogan, Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, says dating apps are particularly well suited for gay people or other “hidden” communities, such as religious groups, because the apps make you more findable.

Mr Mateen says: “You don’t feel desperate using Tinder because you’re not really selling yourself, you didn’t have to fill out a long form trying to represent yourself." The start-up founder says Tinder constantly tweaks the algorithm for finding matches, and has a heavy emphasis on mutual friends, mutual interests, and total number of friends.