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The lone character from Jurassic Park that returns in the revival/sequel Jurassic World is chief geneticist Dr. In a nutshell, viewing the predecessor Jurassic Park isn’t an absolute per se since Jurassic World is friendly towards newcomers.I mean, I personally did before Jurassic World, ha ha.

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Jurassic World (2015): Some Brilliance, Some Stupidity (Still Better Than Lost World and JP III) Contains SPOILERS for Jurassic Park and Lost World. Just So Y’all Know Sitting through Jurassic Park: The Lost World (1997) and Jurassic Park III (2001) is not necessary before checking out Jurassic World. The owner of Jurassic Park and the founder of In Gen, John Hammond (played by the late actor/director Richard Attenborough), is referenced in Jurassic World through a memorial statue and a couple of times via name by Simon Masrani (the CEO of the Masrani Global Corporation and the proprietor of the successful dinosaur theme park Jurassic World).

However, to gain more appreciation for World, I do at the very least recommend seeing Jurassic Park, directed by Steven Spielberg with a screenplay co-penned by the creator of Jurassic Park himself author Michael Crichton! Masrani’s character was brought to life by actor Irrfan Khan.

Such as humanity becoming apathetic with brought back to life extinct creatures (how could that not be enough?!

), against humans utilizing genetics to make their own anything (ancient or otherwise), genetic creations potentially being groomed into weapons for military usage, the ridiculous amount of power titantic companies have access to, and the condemnation of plus the price that comes with corporate greed.

Additionally, the majority of the time, the screen doesn’t feel overwhelmed by numerous CGI dinosaurs at one time, it is the right amount, I think.