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Also, you can even remove the pocket clip if you want.

Like the rest of the rubber tips I tested, this one's mushy and doesn't provide the hardness I'm looking for from a writing utensil.

Because of its tip, the Pogo was unresponsive and only registered touches with the i Pad if I pressed it hard against the screen.

And because the Pogo's tip is flat on top and shifts in position as your write, it can be near impossible to make a mark on the page exactly where you intend to. "The problem is, all the styluses on the market are designed to look and feel like a pen. " This is the question Studio Neat asked when it designed the Cosmonaut, a heavy duty wide grip stylus wrapped in rubber for your i Pad.

The closest thing I can think of that it resembles in consistency is a dart from a NERF gun.