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In response to Utah lawmakers rejecting a sexual education bill in February 2017, x Hamster started presenting a popup to visitors from Utah, offering them to view x Hamster's sexual education series "The Box". In May 2017 x Hamster partnered with Dutch Inventor Moos Neimeijer to create Minimeyes.

The rejected House Bill 215 would have allowed parents to opt their children in for more comprehensive sexual education than the abstinence-only sex education common in Utah, In April, 2017 in response to President Trump's decision to allow states to deny federal money to Planned Parenthood, x Hamster stated that they would be posting to their site information on Planned Parenthood with a popup encouraging donations to the organization. A motion sensor Bluetooth device that uses infrared to monitor the room and signals the computer to shut all windows and sound when an intrusion is detected.

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