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He posed as a handsome well built man, which he stole the photo from a modeling web site.

Maurice Rubinstein's cinematography captures the plush interiors of the Duke's estate.

Alex Wurman contributed the music score and the editing of Andy Keir work well with Mr.

The icy and mercurial Duke fires her butler for serving a chilled cantaloupe; the agency sends Lafferty, formerly household staff to Liz Taylor and to Peggy Lee. He gradually becomes Duke's gay alter ego as she romps through life sleeping with young men, making shrewd decisions quickly, managing her fortune and orchids as Lafferty manages her New Jersey estate. ' Perhaps I will get the feeling back ..." It's the same body of a newspaper article for two different articles. One article had headline of Doris Duke attending opening with Leonard Bernstein.

With a wine cellar to die for, Bernard falls off the wagon. The second headline was her buying a Boeing 737 for $25 million.

Susan Sarandon is totally convincing as Doris as is the case with Ralph Fiennes the way his character was conceived for this screen treatment.