Online dating lesson 1

Depending on the requirements of the site and how detailed you want your profile to be, this process can take a little while.

After choosing a site I would fill out as little information as the site allows, get my profile in place, and get a feel of how the site works.

These are the people who would like to be with somebody, but are quite content with enjoying their own company until then.

And as far as life lessons go, recognizing this fact that the world and the people around you will take you at your own estimation is one of the most profound pieces of wisdom that you can ever acquire.

The flipside to this, however, is that you quickly learn that for every favorable response you get you have to go through about ten times as many rejections; sometimes even more. After a few hundred attempts at connecting with complete strangers, a handful of successes and a whole load of rejections, I started to learn that rejection really isn’t all that bad.