Online dating monogamy

The Manhattan socialite mixes in the same circles as the Real Housewives Of New York star Luann and is believed to have been friends with her at one time.The two were photographed together at a holiday party back in 2010.

Online dating monogamy

They were on and off so frequently that fellow Housewife Bethenny Frankel even pleaded with Lu Ann not to tie the knot with Tom before their wedding.

The reality star famously had to give up her Countess title to marry Tom.

It’s very easy to decide what to do in the abstract – drop them like a bad habit, destroy their shit, stand by your man, forgive and forget, etc – and to armchair quarterback relationship…

suddenly what seems clear-cut and simple is actually a lot more complicated.

It becomes a part of who we are – we are not just ourselves but part of a gestalt entity like the world’s squishiest Transformers.