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“They don’t think it’s actually going to get them a girl,” Kate says.

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“Sending women a sexually aggressive message is the equivalent of cat-calling them on the street.

It makes all men look bad.”However, he acknowledges that these sites tend to favor the masculine approach to dating, which he says is generally driven by looks rather than by personality, at least at the beginning.

They shrug off the rough night so well, in fact, you’d never guess that the couple is hard at work building a new dating platform that will give single people a shot at their kind of sleep-deprived marital bliss.

In the $2 billion online dating sector, they know it will take something remarkable for their platform to stand out in the crowded marketplace, but they think they’re on to it: What heterosexual women want, they say, is to meet men who are pre-vetted by other women.

She attributes part of this to the fact that the big players (Ok Cupid, e Harmony, Plenty of Fish, Match) and the majority of the niche ones (Skout, How About We, Meet Moi) were started by men.