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Play this Game is a visually-striking online chess game (for two players only) where you can take on friends, work associates or family members in a regular chess match on a futuristic, Minecraft-style 3D chess board.

Decide on your strategy to bring down your opponent's king, and carefully place your pieces in advantageous areas around the board. Your opponent will very likely have a cunning trick or two in the pipeline!

Utilizing expert timing and mouse clicking / screen tapping skills, you must leap to avoid crevices between platforms, spring over cavernous ravines, duck under tree branches, avoid spiky hedgehogs, and more on a mad dash to the end of each side-scrolling level.

Quick reactions are essential here as each action-packed level is full of tricky surprises! Play this Game Play a very challenging, tile-based, numbers puzzle game on your mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop or notebook!

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