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Two white men came to the scene and tried to help but the one started washing dishes with some indian men and the other one was watching the gun. Then a devious looking indian woman grabbed me and held my arms so tight I jerked away holding my stomach because I was pregnant. She had a scary smile and said you are going nowhere you are our little girl now. it must be murder, it just doesnt sound right.he just walked away..The next moment the indian man pushed me in a red car and kidnapped me. At some stage at a robot I jumped out of the vehicle and ran to get help. Reply I just had the craziest dream; it had two parts.

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When I tried to remove her from my mouth, she stabbed me multiple times with her sword ( I , however did not die). Reply I had this really weird dream, I’m not really sure it means anything, can someone tell me what it may mean.

I had a dream that me and my friend were driving own the street on a lawn mower, and than my friend stopped to pick up a hash brown, but the hash brown was a bomb.

Two of the very most important things are the details and how you personally felt in the dream.

Those are the questions I’m going to ask you about.

Do you have a dream that has been reoccurring, troubling you or that you just are curious about? Lets do a Dream Analysis reading and talk about the meaning of dreams…or at least YOUR dreams. i dont think hes trying to kill me but just capture me or something like theres something he wants.