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We both have calm, quiet personalities, we like to travel, love animals, love our children and grandchildren (from previous marriages); we are both ambitious, well educated and enjoy the theater, the symphony, great food and a good glass of red wine.We were both able and willing to take early retirement from our jobs and we knew we could be happy together if only he could get his addiction under control and stop his chronic lying (he lied about everything, even things that he didn’t need to lie about).

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Even on our Caribbean Cruise last year he was able to conduct himself admirably around the pool area.

He is able to talk about his feelings and continues to go to 12 step meetings twice a week.

The road to Larry’s recovery was long and difficult.

I just couldn’t accept the enormity of his deceit, infidelities and lies and I decided that we needed to live apart for a while to sort things out.

His therapy freed him to talk about his addiction without his previous shame and guilt, and, he had stopped lying. It is extremely stable and calm and we are both very happy.