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degree program in Child Development: Elementary Education offers courses in child development theory and gives graduates the skills needed to assist elementary school teachers or work in after-school care programs.Writing assignments and oral presentations as appropriate to the discipline are part of the course.

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Health, lifestyle, preventative health, community resources, and emergency response procedures are examined.

This course introduces cultural beliefs that influence health, safety, and nutrition.

Development, adjustment, and psychological problems of the child from birth through adolescence; relationship of scientific psychological findings to practical methods of child guidance and training by parents, teachers, and others.

Characteristics of group life, the effect of the group on human conduct, and the interrelationships between society, culture, and the individual.

This introductory course explores practices that promote good nutrition, dental, physical and mental health, as well as the safety of infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-aged children in group settings.