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It affected his family too, so we started clicking around Fam Net.

His sister, Marys Aunt Freda came to NZ for a holiday to see him, she ended up emigrating to also.

On reading the visitors book I found that Percy had been particularly busy entertaining two other groups of visitors from ", as the song goes, and boy could she cook a beautiful lunch although she did not speak English so it was hard thanking her.

The row upon row of perfectly kept graves of unknown soldiers from all countries that fought World War 1 was mind boggling.

The interesting fact was that the cemetery was full of visitors including three or four big groups of school children who appeared to be on a school trip.

Next we moved on to the This graveyard is much bigger than the other one.

Once again I found the grave within five minutes and it was almost manicured in appearance.

Nash, once the NZ Society of Genealogists Executive Officer and more recently a regular contributor to this newsletter, has taken over as editor, although for this issue he prefers to be described as Assistant Editor.