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hi guys , hope u all doing fine , I really LOVE telerik it is amazing !! but I have a problem in my Rad Async Upload :( , I have created a web application , it all works fine in my localhost , but when i upload it into my Host the Rad Async Upload doesn't work !!it doesn't upload the file while in my localhost it uploads files and save it to the target folder and i get name and whatever i want from uploaded files !!

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The official support for Rad Upload has been discontinued in June 2013 (Q2’13), although it is still be available in the suite. NET AJAX contains: Rad Progress Area is a progress-monitoring control that displays a progress dialog to display the current progress of a file upload or other lengthy process.

We deeply believe that Rad Async Upload can better serve your upload needs and we kindly ask you to transition to it to make sure you take advantage of its support and the new features we constantly add to it.

Rad Async Upload creates client-side objects withthe Client ID of the server-side object.

You can obtain areference using the $find() method, as shown in the following Java Script code: Once you have access to a client-side object, you can use it to call its client-side methods, as shown in the following examples.

When the Allowed Mime Types property is set, Rad Upload automatically validates the MIME types of selected files, moving any files with disallowed extensions to the Invalid Files collection.