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When I used to play this to get Neody's good ending, I keep go back checking on the useless item and waste my time. His name remind me to Tsukimori Len (my love But I was just thinking about asking folks about it. I'm still addicted...)Has anybody found a way to solve Mystery Man's walk in the woods?

20 June 2017 --- Added Dragon Essence - Color My World - Guide.

17 June 2017 --- Phantom Seeds is now available in 5 different languages.

When I looked at poll, I questioned about Dornick that I voted him too. =D Then I got Neody, who's my favorite so far - never was able to beat the time in his game, though, so I never got to see the ending. Then again, he's incredibly my type, and just looking at his personality I know we'd correspond.

Fufu~ I'm not very good at a lot of the minigames though.

Overall, the game is pretty rad and the graphics are lovely.

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