Ouran highschool host club dating game

I just walked in after school for an Ouran High School Host Club meeting that Kyoya –Senpai has planned for, for the past three weeks.

The Shadow King himself has spent a large amount of his free time contacting all our regulars and rescheduling appointments for this meeting. A mess of the Host Club screaming at each other and even the calm and collected Kyoya-Senpai and Mori-Senpai and the happy-go-lucky Honey-Senpai were all just as angry as the others. I close the vast, white grand doors and cross my slender arms over my chest and shoot my most disappointed look at every single one of them.

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Mori-Senpai stares emotionlessly at me for a moment and in the second that I take my eyes off him, I catch an inaudible sigh leaving his mouth."Mum, are you seeing this from heaven?

This is where that broken expensive vase has led me to." I whisper as I run one hand over my pale, exhausted face.

" Kaoru says with the Hitachiin signature smirk that means that they are up to no good.

Kaoru and Hikaru move to being symmetrical once again with one of their hands on their hips making their bodies move inward on one another.

Tamaki-Senpai draws his dominant right hand to his face to hide the crimson that is spreading there.