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It cites interesting research–“Recent studies have demonstrated that individuals systematically overestimate levels of crime and disorder in neighborhoods with a higher proportion of African American residents (Quillian and Pager 2001; Sampson and Raudenbush 2004)…” What might the impact of this apparent systematic bias be on property values and perception of community desirability on redeveloped public housing sites like Roosevelt Square?Roosevelt Square is a highly complex redevelopment of one of the nations’s largest federal public housing developments.

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Due in large part to their generous financial support, the Chamber is able to deliver a high quality program of work that all of our members can enjoy.

Twenty fifteen was a year of considerable accomplishments for C4C; the most significant one being that the new Roosevelt Square master plan was completed with substantial engagement of community residents and ongoing engagement of important Chicago institutions including UIC, Rush, Cook County, and the Illinois Medical District.

In the area of community engagement, C4C also worked with tenant leadership at the subsidized Barbara Jean Wright Court Apartments at Maxwell St. to convince HUD to conduct a management occupancy review of this poorly maintained and managed development.

The review drove one of the lenders on the property, Prudential, to conduct its own investigation. Why is increasing the market-rate residential density at Roosevelt Square important?

This week the University of Georgia comes together to celebrate the successes of outstanding members of our community.