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And they only reappear when they are next needed; they then pop into the top of the MYN task list at just the right time. There is one thing to be aware of, however, if you are just now starting the MYN system in Outlook.

The MYN Outlook system, as you may know, focuses on the start date of tasks, not the due date.

You can make any existing task into a recurring task by simply using the Recurrence button at the top of the task window.

An example of why you would create them might be a Monday status report that is due each week.

And if you want to convert them to being start-date tasks, you need to delete and reenter those tasks as start-date based tasks. And don’t just try to edit them by adding the start date—that won’t work either.

Rather, be sure to fully delete and then fully reenter the tasks; then they will work fine with MYN. Otherwise, recurring tasks are an excellent tool to use with MYN.

Choosing Recurrence Options in Windows When you click the Recurrence button in Windows, the following Task Recurrence dialog box opens in Windows: This dialog defaults to a weekly Recurrence pattern (see the upper left corner).