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However, I highly doubt most of you are going to give up your printers, your mp3 players, your razors, your cell phones, and your pantyhose (but, really? You know what’s harder than licking your elbow while baking a souffle in hell? Not in terms of its complete disrespect to consumers. And, typically in a situation like this, I would urge everyone to vote with their dollars and not buy things that are made with planned obsolescence in mind. The time, maybe, when we’ve all put our heads together and come up with some really table-turning ideas.

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It only made sense, because the ink for my old, terminally dysfunctional printer (which started malfunctioning approximately 2.3 seconds after looking at it out of the box) was going to cost about the same as just buying a new printer. Farthings, by the way, equal a haypenny and a sheckel, plus a bag of brussels sprouts. Not even when I tried to print something off in black.

This is commonly known; look it up on any currency exchange site. Just the magenta, which is funny, since the booklet was black and white.

I need to print off a sign for my door (it says, “Velkommen,” because Norwegian words are silly).

So we hustled out, spent a month’s rent on three color cartridges, came home and installed them.

The nylon from which the hosiery was made was subject to having a defect occur, called a run, that would leave a visible line or streak down the length of the hose.