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If wining and dining aren't your idea of a fun date, check out our list of the most adventurous date ideas in New Jersey.

From horseback riding to go kart racing and everything in between, you'll find the perfect date idea for you and your date. From dinner dates to adventurous outings, your options are endless.

i guess some people will do anything to be president. I hear all your anger against the republican party and I agree.

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Going against tradition and hosting a co-ed shower or Jack and Jill party for your wedding nuptials.

Here are some games to entertain family and friends as they celebrate your marriage.

But it was amazing to watch the Dem convention for the fact that there was so much diversity...young, old, and people of every race and culture seemed to be we will see , but republicans have played out their scare tacict, it has played its self out. But now, 8 years later, the man has gone totally senile apparently. I just saw a young white guy on the convention floor.

Sorry to get off subject but that 10 billion going to Iraq each month really irks me. When he ran against Bush in 2000 primaries, I was hoping he would be selected just because if my candidate didn't win at least someone with brains and heart would be in the house.

when Clinton was running they spent all the time talking about her.