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Perez had previously told Courter that he was planning on going to Cuba to join the Cuban guerrillas, Courter testified previously, and that because of his extensive military training he would be highly sought after, and that Cuba did not extradite. because he knows he can’t leave and his family in Ecuador also knows he can’t leave,” Nunez said through the interpreter. Through an interpreter who translated English to Spanish for Nunez and her Spanish answers into English for the court, Nunez testified that Perez was her son, and that she lived with her husband of 12 1/2 years, who is Perez’s stepfather, in Miami. Schryer objected to Perez being released without a hefty bond, concerned that he would flee again, either to Ecuador or to Cuba, where Perez is from and where Nunez said he still had family.

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When they install a new unit, they’ll even cart away the old one! Americas For nearly 20 years, Paula Nunez – founder and internationally acclaimed dancer – has produced professional dancers who perform with distinguished ballet companies and academies around the world, and since 2002, ABS has worked with students of all ages to impart the fundamentals of classical ballet.

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