People who wanna skype for adult chat

just from that i can get your IP address, your MAC address, and other information that i could use to, at the least, pinpoint you location to your city and neighbourhood. i can get general information like who own the account and sometimes even an exact address.

you'll be amazed at how much info you share with even the simplest tasks.

So just imagine the next time your chatting with a stranger on skype and they tell you your phone number and address... so unless somebody askes me a specific question or wanted to learn more, this is were i end this and go do something completely uneducational.

lol My Skype contains my real name because I do only add people who my friends trust absolutely or people I know either outside Skype from somewhere else on the internet or in real life. All they can do is track your ip, and ddos/dos you for a matter of time, usually between 2-10 mins.

even then the virus might not be able to get in your file system.