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Export to Send Reminders, Delivery Slips (with just one click) Change Language, Currency, Boilerplate Text on the fly Support for all languages possible (even RTL) Schedule and Send Notifications (e.g.

for overdue invoices) Customizable Reports Printable Account Book Very easy to use (less than a minute to your first invoice) XML Export, Backup (you're not locked in) Track Dispatchments Track Payments Lots moreā€¦

Do you often have to send out the same invoice to your clients? Then you will love to hear that Bill 2 will let you send out those invoices with just one simple click, thanks to the built-in templates.

Since just issuing invoices is not all that matters, Bill can generate individual reports about your general income, paid/unpaid/due invoices, or even single clients.

Items can consist of a title, a subtitle, the base amount, the quantity, the possible taxes and an optional SKU number.