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You might as well maintain some dignity and admit to what happened. Your celebrity doesn't mean you can treat folks that way. Do the right thing here." Manning's claim that Naughright had a "vulgar mouth" was based on a trip to Virginia with four other Tennessee athletes for a drug education conference.

Manning claimed that Naughright called the athletes "mother(expletive)," language that the athletes, three of them football players, denied ever hearing.

Vulgar Mouth Whited," was the "turning point" that led to Florida Southern demoting her and removing her as the program director.

The lawsuit said that copies of the book that pertained to Naughright were distributed around campus and at the school's athletic events.

In 2002, she sued Manning and his father, Archie, for defamation because she claimed they downplayed the incident and disparaged her in a book about their legacy.