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The Nationals were an instant success in the NBA, winning the Eastern Division in the 1949–50 season, with a league best record of 51–13.In the playoffs the Nationals continued to play solid basketball, beating the Philadelphia Warriors in 2 straight.In Game 1 of the Finals the Nats lost just their second home game of the season 68–66.

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The Nationals acquired Alex Groza, and Ralph Beard as the Indianapolis Olympians folded leaving the NBA with just 9 teams for the 1953–54 season.

Once again the Nationals would battle for the Division title falling 2 games short with a 42–30 record.

However, in the semifinals the Nats would fall to the Anderson Duffey Packers for the second straight season in 4 games.

In 1949, the Nationals were one of seven NBL teams that were absorbed by the Basketball Association of America to form the NBA.

Al Cervi, playing less and coaching more, emphasized a patient offense and a scrappy defense, which led the league in the 1951–52 season by yielding a stingy 79.5 points per game as the Nationals won the Eastern Division with a solid 40–26 record.