cheats for love hina dating game - Philippine women dating scams

This is easy, right out of the gate you found the perfect women online, and in no time flat this sweet little flower blossom has professes her love and devotion to you and the only thing she asks for in return is once married she wants to live the Philippines.

After the marriage and a wonderful honeymoon period your seemingly devoted wife will ask to be put on all the credit cards and bank accounts.

Many of these Filipino women have boy friends and secret children back in the Philippines they support.

Before she does any of this, she will be carful to wait the necessary amount of time to get her permanent residency or citizenship so the husband can't claim the marriage was fraudulent.

Here's my advice to keep peace in the family, like all things in the Philippines everything is negotiable even a loan to a family member offer a lesser amount one that you can live with because in the end this is not a loan that is ever going to be paid back.