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Apple recommends that users of Microsoft's latest Outlook 2016 edition access their i Cloud data using the web based i instead.

The promise of Apple, for many of us, is a phrase we’ve all heard many times, “It Just Works.” It’s what we’ve come to expect from their products. And since the i Pad just worked, I decided to give i Cloud a shot. I’m a big believer in Apple, I’d even go as far to call myself a fanboy.

They offer us not only an unmatched simplicity, but the confidence in the company to trust in that simplicity. A service that promised to be the thread between all of these devices. This is a company I want to give the benefit of the doubt to.

Switch from the default option of i Cloud to Dropbox. The thing I really don’t get is why Apple decided to bite off so much at one time.

By simultaneously launching i Cloud for i Tunes, Photo Stream, i Work and application syncing, as well as email, calendars and contacts it feels as if they almost set themselves up for failure. I mean the Mac versions of i Work aren’t even compatible with it at the time of this writing.

Once installed, the software can be used to log into an i Cloud account and access its i Cloud Photo Library.