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You might assume you know your partner’s reason for avoiding marriage, but you don’t really know until you ask.

While you might feel hurt if your partner doesn’t want to marry you, it’s important to consider that marriage might mean something completely different to your partner.

Consequently, it’s wise to focus on other ways to get your needs met rather than making marriage a deal-breaker.

If, however, you can’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t end in marriage, trying to push the relationship toward marriage can cause it to fall apart. If you and your partner agree to live together without getting married, you’ll have the freedom to pick and choose which marriage benefits you want to take advantage of and which you want to avoid altogether.

A simple contract, for example, can outline who owns what property and how it will be divided if you split up.

Both men and women can be hesitant about marriage, and when romantic partners have different opinions of marriage, the conflict can be challenging to resolve.