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She's still figuring out the balance of how much to say.

Jewelers has been a working jewelry store since the early 1900’s; under the Roth Bros. It has always been a family business, we have a picture dating back to 1903 and it was Thompson Jewelers, then it was purchased by D. Jackson, My Great Uncle Vincent Roth AKA Sparky bought the store in 1946, my Grandfather Francis Roth AKA Matt joined his brother shortly after. Vincent and Francis were both watchmakers by trade,clockmakers, and were getting their start in the jewelry!

Willie was versed in watches/clocks/and Jewelry, maintaining the sales of clocks/watches, andexpanding Jewelry sales and repair per the demand.

As they say “History Repeats Itself” …., Roth Bros Jewelers has grown further into the business it is today when Willie’s two sons Rusty joined the business in 2000, and Greg in 2002.

The majority of business was made up ofpocket watches, wrist watches, small kitchen appliances, flatware, clocks, and specialty gifts.