Pictures of dating scammers Flirt date friends net

Everything they say will be fake – they’ll have a fake backstory, family, friends and job.

Often they’re scamming more than one person at a time because they can make a lot of money out of these scams.

On the day the possessions were supposed to arrive in the US I got a message saying she had been arrested and requests for help continued to come through.

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Pictures of dating scammers

The most common fake male profile, meanwhile, has light brown hair and is in his forties.

Forty-eight was the most common age found across the profiles.

By pulling data from these profiles, they have created the average male and female scammer profiles - including everything from their age to their hair, job, eye colour and posture.

They found the most common female profile, set up for romance scamming purposes, is a brunette in her twenties (29 was the most common age) with blue eyes.

In some cases the scammer may try to get the person targeted to help launder money for their criminal activities.