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The only mark known to have been used by the van Ommen family at this time, however, was the crowned 79, and in fact it was extremely rare for a Dutch maker to use his initials as a mark.

The mermaid is a Gouda pipemaker's mark, but in this case the coat of arms is missing. 222), "," which would appear to imply that this was when it was registered.

Bowl fragment, heel and stem fragment, raised on base of heel, the arms of the city of Gouda raised on a projection on either side of heel and surmounted by a raised S, the mouth of the bowl having a milled edge (Fig. Stem fragment with the letters DUNIER- (the letters U and I are uncertain) followed by an indecipherable letter or letters with two vertical strokes, raised from a depressed border; below the word a toothed edge and above, possibly, a straight line.

Bowl fragment and stem fragment, crowned 6 raised from a depressed surround in two concentric ovals on base of bowl; coat of arms of city of Gouda similarly beside it to left; the mouth of the bowl has a milled edge. In Layer 2 the following material was studied (the catalogue number given is the lot number followed by the object no.).

(There is confusion as to the meaning of the coat of arms.