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I walked among the ancient ruins and puzzled over man's illustrious but forgotten past.

In India I wandered alone into the Himalayas and crossed the border of Tibet (which has since been sealed by the Chinese).

I have seen a large part of this world and its mysteries.

I had written and produced a radio documentary, Things in the Sky, in 1952, and my earlier researches into unidentified flying objects had already convinced me that such things not only existed, but that they had been present in our skies since the dawn of man.

Eventually my travels took me to Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and a thousand places in between.

I have now been accused of being everything from a Communist con man to a secret agent for the Central Intelligence Agency; from a religious fanatic (I'm a lifelong agnostic) to a pawn of the devil.

Typographical errors, over which I have no control, in my many articles and books have been lovingly dissected by these groups and prompted countless letters and essays reviewing their sinister implications.

As I travelled, I interviewed archaeologists, historians, and assorted experts and Spent endless hours in remote libraries poring over rare old books.