Plesk 9 5 awstats not updating

I hope that helps a little Many thanks John Damn, that sounds good. Well weblizer has updated itself for the second domain which is good, still nothing on awstats though.

So yeah, I think you might be right it's a 24hr thing.

Everything is at "0" and I cannot seem to locate any system menu or user menu to recalculate the stats.

I read a few posts that awstats is dead in IW but I hope not as I would like to migrate a couple of users that enjoy using awstats. OS: Centos 7 IW: v5.1.3 Fresh Install - 1user account.

We have a web site which has more than 8 million ...

I'm trying to configure Awstats for a website on Centos 7.

I've checked and Apache is logging correctly so I'll give this a shot and see what happens. Regards, David Hi David Apologies I am not sure why I thought you had a 1 user license as I've just reread your post and there's no mention of 1 user license.