Plex recently added not updating

Sync traffic automatically scales based on streaming WAN usage, and uses whatever bandwidth is left unused (Plex Pass only).IMPORTANT: With the security changes in version 1.1.0, if your Plex Media Server is signed in to a account, then all of the apps you use must also be signed-in.

Unfortunately we don't have a complete list about all compatible devices but in general we can say all devices with the [email protected] or Smart Hub feature are able to install this app from the following device groups. - 2010 models which are also called C-Series models.

- 2011 models which are also called D-Series models.

At the time of this article, Plex Media Server updater is working with Plex-Media-Server-0.9.722.511.

If updates are required, I will post a new version here.

Additionally, if possible, based on assumption recently added logic works by "addition date/time stamp" for individual file, is there anyway to change "addition date/time stamp" ? Unfortunately, the situation is a little more simplistic than "addition date/time stamp", each episode (or movie or music video) is given a unique id when added, which is basically 1 to the highest id for that type already in the database, to get the most recent xbmc then just pulls the 25 (or however many) items with the highest ids. This would avoid filling the list with one new/moved serie. Yes and for a fully customized system add them manually to database with your prefered meta data and write the recently added on a piece of paper.