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“He’s taking me for granted and I’m not sure what to do.We are engaged supposed to get married in September.

Right about now, you feel like he’s taking your for granted because he was so much more attentive when you lived apart from each other. When you can’t see your love every day, it makes each meeting that more special. So many people find this out the hard way and end up losing their relationships. The first step is to really look at your relationship with this man.

Long distance relationships have the ability to take on an air of fantasy. Now that you’ve seen this other, less-affectionate side of him, are you still madly in love with him? I love him and we’re going to get past him taking me for granted! What’s really the most important thing here is to really get a good understanding on how men think.

It uses a deep understanding on how men’s minds are wired so you can you subtle hypnotic cues to let him understand how valuable you really are.

You have already told him point blank that you feel like he’s taking you for granted and that was met with a whole lot of anger and redirection. Trust me, this book will not only get your man to want to be the best man he can for you, it will help build one of the best marriages you could ever think of.

You’ll learn how to praise him in a way that inspires him to be a better man and a better lover.