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After three years of trying to get out of the contract, she signed with Red One's Universal Republic imprint, 2101 Records, late in 2009 and began working on her debut album.

After many internal problems between the artist and record producer, Red One, Porcelain Black announced the partnership had come to an end, with anticipation of releasing her debut album in the vein of her Porcelain and the Tramps project in 2015.

Take a ride into deep conversations with “Model, Actress, Whatever”.

I’m deeply in love with the medium of the podcast and in the Summer of 2011 through to early 2013, I recorded my friends and acquaintances.

Vocally compared to Courtney Love, Porcelain Black was approached to record backing vocals for Love's 2008 album. Black had taken part in national competitive dancing, taking jazz, hip-hop, tap, and ballet lessons, since she was young, and, at one point, was training to perform on Broadway. After being expelled from her last school, Black ran away from home.

She started begging, doing drugs, and drinking while crashing at friends' houses at night.

Virgin wanted Black to record pop music in the vein of Avril Lavigne, despite already knowing what kind of music she made when signing her.