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In 2015 was opened the new pier at Nordhavn - named Oceankaj (Ocean Quay).

The new quay C330 (pier length 1100 m / 3600 ft, width 70 m / 230 ft) can accommodate 3 large-size cruise liners at a time.

If you lose the Copenhagen location on the map, simply reload the page (also with F5 button).

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Oceankaj terminals also have dedicated waste-water handling facilities (capacity up to 300 m3 per hour per ship).

The new pier has connection points at every 60 m / 200 ft.

Among those are the round-trips to Norwegian Fjords (along the Norway's western coastline) and to Scandinavia and Russia (visiting ports in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Russia).

Cruises leaving out of Copenhagen comprise 45% of the ship calls.

The beach sand holds a lot of small stones and shells in it, but it was walkable in bare feet. I would recommend taking a taxi if going with children as it is quite hot, and the walk is not very nice with many cars.