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The meeting usually happens casually and in an unexciting way; although by the end of the night, you’ll be telling all your friends that it was totally fate that you both went to get a drink at the same time and how crazy it is that you originally weren’t even going to go out that night!

If anything like that has happened to you, congratu-freaking-lations.

For the rest of us commoners, though, nine times out of 10, the match is made under the influence of at least a little bit of alcohol in some sort of public setting.

You wait until 11 am or so and then gather opinions on whether or not you should text “that guy from last night.”You all decide yeah, sure, you have nothing to lose.

And just as you’re beginning the half-hour-long process of deciding what your opening line should be, he texts you!!

You’ll remember him to be way cuter than he actually is, and you’ll imagine how good the two of you will look together.

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    Melbourne Having run many events in Melbourne and dated lots of girls there, James says it's roughly even-Steven for both sexes."Melbourne obviously lacks the weather and beaches that other state capitals have, and people tend to be a little less physically active and/or looks orientated," he says."Many of the men and women tend to be more arts, culture and book-minded than the other capitals.