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'I had the cast made because I wanted to capture my pregnancy appearance,' she explained. Seeing it in a 3D way rather than as a photo was brilliant.'It has become a unique piece of art in my home. 'It is in the children's nursery but everyone who comes around goes in to have a look,' added the financial PA, who lives in Essex with her 42-year-old husband Mark.

'Recently, the children asked me to put the cast on to show them how I looked when I was pregnant.

The entire process can take up to an hour-and-a half.

You can easily do it yourself, with a belly casting kit, on sale for as little as £20.

Vaseline is applied to the body, to allow the cast to be removed easily.

Then strips of cloth are dipped in plaster and smeared across the body. However, many women enlist the help of a professional instead, which can cost hundreds of pounds.

Proud Body's basic pregnancy belly cast kit is affordable but with no sacrifice in quality.