Print updating number in pdf

Close any instances of CCS that are running in your system.Open a Windows Command Prompt and issue the following commands: \ccsv6\ccs_base\emulation\specdig\xds2xx for details of your model and version.To find out what is the serial number of all connected debug probes, follow steps 1 and 2 above, then locate the option serial Num If you want to set the serial number to a specific value: At this point you may unplug this probe and repeat the operation for the subsequent probes.

In general they work well in Windows, therefore proceed with the update at your own risk as the JTAG debugger may be bricked and only recoverable by returning the board for repair.

To update a XDS200-class JTAG debugger connected via USB, using a Windows host is highly recommended.

Also, The XDS200 standalone JTAG debug probe can be purchased from the TI store.

The XDS200 supports our Stellaris, C2000, Hercules, Sitara, C66xx, C64x , C674x, C55xx, C54xx, Da Vinci and OMAP.

XDS200 is the newest class of JTAG debuggers for Texas Instruments' microcontrollers and embedded processors.

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