Prior to updating sysdatabases entry for database

Read Committed Snapshot is covered later in this article.

Because of this, you, as the DBA, must decide what each setting should be to ensure the highest performance and availability of your databases.

Although you can read this article without being in front of a SQL Server instance, you might find it useful to run the following script for one of your instances before reading it.

To help avoid some blocking problems, Allow Snapshot Isolation can be set to True (on) at the database level, which provides transaction-level read consistency for any transaction that includes the SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL as part of the transaction.

You can see Books Online for more information on how to invoke SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL in your Transact-SQL code. Briefly, it uses a process called row versioning, which copies the affected rows in the version store of tempdb before the transaction begins.

The purpose of performing a Database Properties Health Check is to determine what your database’s properties are currently set to for each of your SQL Server instances, and to determine if the settings are appropriate for your particular environment.