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After that, all you have to do is lie back and experience the precious memorable 4D ultrasound views of your baby.

Pressure is growing for the Government to curb the way that ultrasound scans can be used to inform pregnant women about the gender of their unborn babies following an investigation by The Independent suggesting that female foetuses are more likely to be aborted within certain ethnic groups living in Britain.

Scientists in South Korea said that they were able to accurately determine the sex of a foetus as early as the fifth week of pregnancy in each of the 203 pregnant women who took part in a clinical trial.

The test, based on samples of blood plasma, identifies the proportion of two enzymes – known as DYS14 and GAPDH – circulating within the mother’s bloodstream to indicate whether she is carrying a boy or a girl.

General Xray Digital X-rays are the core imaging in a hospital for diagnosis.

At NGH this service is based in the main x-ray department where 120, 000, examinations are carried out per year.

We offer Early Pregnancy Scans, Gender Scans and 4D ultrasound scans of baby for reassurance and peace of mind throughout your pregnancy.