Pros and cons of carbon dating

But due to intense heat and temperature changes this dating method then falsely indicates billions of years, all of which happened over a seven-day period. Laing All rights reserved Intelligent Design The Unique Properties of Water The Niels Bohr Atom Model The Speed of Light The Carbon Atom Model and Diamond Picture Antimatter, Big Bang and Black Holes 37 Facts of Creation vs.

Creation science discovered rapid nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes resulting in radiometric error in dating using carbon 14 dating that occurred and the time of creation and the time of Noah's Ark of Mt.

3) The rate of decay changes dramatically with changes in temperature and pressure.

4) Temperature and pressure could not have been uniform throughout the Earth on Day One of creation or during the Flood of Noah.

Excessive helium production events occurred at both of these times, which tends to confirm their assumption that the two times of rapid radioisotope decay occurred at the time of the Fllod of Noah and the time of creation 1500 years before the pre-flood world, or at two distinct times in history.

A fourth proof, corresponding to problems with radioactive carbon dating is the residual in rocks that should be zero after 100,000 years but conventional scientists dismiss this as in situ contamination or faulty laboratory techniques as the reason.

Results of such errors have continuously showed up in carbon dating, where fresh specimens were dated at thousands of years of age.